All my life, I've loved to make people laugh, but I never felt tempted by the life of the comedian. It just seemed so dispiriting--and time-consuming, if you want to be any good--but in recent years, I discovered that I love telling stories onstage and that I could get some of the thrill of comedy, without all the traveling and sexism. Anyway, it's kind of exciting to learn something new about myself at this late stage in my development as a person. 

Tickets to Night at the Jewseum   here .

Tickets to Night at the Jewseum here.

If you'd like to hear me tell a story about my semi-disastrous senior prom, I'll be part of Night at the Jewseum on Sept 28. 

I also told a story with Porchlight that's available through their podcast (Kitchen Confidential 2016); competed in a Literary Death Match; and made my mom tear up at Beyond Bubbie