In Case of Sexual Harassment

comparison poster.gif

In light of all the revelations of sexual harassment in the restaurant industry, I got the idea of a "what to do" poster along the lines of the choking posters I used to see when I lived in New York. I mentioned the idea to Cherry Bombe's editor Kerry Diamond, and she immediately said, let's do it. A friend put me in touch with the awesome designer Kelli Anderson and we made this happen. It's now available in English and Spanish as a free download and/or printed poster for purchase HERE, via Cherry Bombe. 

My hope is that this will be in the back of every restaurant, alongside the posters outlining workers' rights to a minimum wage and breaks. Sexual harassment is a work safety issue that should be taken as seriously as choking. It's much more common than choking, for one thing, and for another, it needs to be acknowledged before it can get better. 

Mother Jones created a good roundup of the current situation, including this poster, along with a podcast. 

In The New York Times, Florence Fabricant wrote about the poster here. Tara Duggan wrote about the posters for The San Francisco Chronicle here and I spoke about sexual harassment with others in the Bay Area food world at the Golden Gate Restaurant Association conference (Eater covered it here and Refinery29 here). Heritage Radio Network interviewed all three collaborators here

Design Thinking:  Kelli Anderson wrote about our design process for her awesome blog and my old friend Annaliese Griffin wrote about Designing Solutions to Restaurant Sexual Harassment for Quartz here