What Can I Do?

People often ask me what steps they can take to be part of the climate solution (or at least, scale back on adding to the climate problem). Here are some graphics with ideas. The first is from Environmental Research Letters, for a general audience, and the second is something that we put together for chefs specifically. I think the main take-away from both is that we aren’t being very strategic about our sustainability efforts—for myself, I know I’ll stress about getting every last recyclable into the correct bin and then board a plane to talk more about sustainability. The graphic for chefs, for example, was part of the World Restaurant Award ceremony that I attended in Paris. I have a lot of mixed feelings about going and trying to connect with the international food community about sustainability, with all good intentions, at the cost to the planet of a transatlantic flight. It didn’t help that my flight home got mangled and I ended up being routed through LA, meaning yet another take-off and landing. And all the single use plastic on the plane! We can go crazy just thinking about it. Or we can just square our shoulders and promise to do better next time.

Personal choices re climate change.png
wra-spread-jan 18.png