Priorities Right Now

For the next several months, I’m going to be focused on a few main projects:

Over the past few years, we’ve been fortunate to work with dozens of restaurants, whose fearless and creative engagement with climate action has been an inspiration not only to me, but to others around the world. In 2019, we committed to a significant expansion of our network, which not only means more active outreach, but also a conscious effort to lower the barriers to participation. We have launched a new, easy-as-pie way for restaurants to contribute to climate solutions: adding a 1% surcharge on diners’ bills, which goes directly into my other big project this year, Restore California. To get involved, please visit

  • Designing and Launching Restore California

    The State of California’s Healthy Soils Program, which funds the implementation of soil-building conservation agriculture (e.g. compost application on farms and ranchland) has been growing steadily since 2017, but there is still so much more carbon in the atmosphere that can and should be re-stored in the soil, where it supports the creation of healthier, tastier food while increasing resilience to drought, fires, and floods. This year, I am working on Restore California as a public-private partnership that builds on the Healthy Soils Program and engages the entire food system in solving the climate crisis.

  • Setting sustainable patterns

    Zero Foodprint and Restore California are programs of The Perennial Farming Initiative, which is in a growth mode, so I’m working to set up systems that will serve us as we grow, without sacrificing our families or mental health.

Thanks so much for your interest in me and my work, and thank you for understanding if I cannot respond to an invitation to an event or collaboration. To keep up to date with the evolution of my work, please subscribe to the ZFP newsletter (scroll down for sign-up form).

Thanks a million!